The Windrush Day

ByMeraz Aziz

The Windrush Day

June 22nd is officially declared as ‘Windrush Day’ in the UK while we will pay tribute to the outstanding and ongoing contribution of the Windrush Generation and their descendants. It is a great opportunity for us to come together and remember how the British Caribbean communities played a vital role to rebuild Britain and recover from the post WW2 situation. Windrush day remarks on the anniversary of the arrival of Windrush generation on 22nd June 1948 at Port Tidbury near London. Since then the Empire Windrush and their generation made and continue to make a huge contribution to modern Britain, not only rebuilding the country following the WW2 but also enriching our shared social, economic, cultural and religious life. Their contribution couldn’t be forgotten and will never be, so let’s mark the day and educate the community and our next generation about the great legacy of the Windrush Generation.

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