Monthly Archive October 30, 2019

ByMark Wood

Liam Canham for Taunton Deane #GE2019

Now that the No Deal threat has been neutralised, Labour at last have the chance to set out our bold vision to transform society for the good of the many, and eject Johnson and his disastrous Government from power.

Last week, Taunton Deane CLP selected the excellent local candidate Liam Canham to stand for Labour in the upcoming General Election, now confirmed by Parliament to be held on December 12th.

Liam Canham Head and Shoulders Pic

Here’s what Liam has to say:

“I have spent the majority of my career working in the public sector, predominantly within the field of social housing and local authority service. As a result, I have seen first hand the damage that core Tory policies, such as welfare reform and wider austerity, have had upon our community. I also have experience volunteering  with the Police across Somerset as a Special Constable and until recently served on the Board of Trustees of a homelessness charity in Taunton.

“Again these experiences have brought me face to face with the resulting consequences of years of Tory austerity, which has adversely affected resources within the public sector to provide fit and proper services such as Adults and Children’s Social Care, a well functioning healthcare system and good quality ‘affordable’ housing to name but a few.

“I joined the Labour Party approximately 4 years ago following my leaving the Police, having been a supporter of the Party’s values for a number of years. Whilst originally I had not planned to take such an active role both within politics and in the party, in those 4 years I have already stood for election both with County and District elections. This has been as a result of our poor representation within Taunton Deane, both from our MP and our Council and the feeling that the people of Taunton Deane deserves better.

“When I look back through the history of Labour governments and the achievements that have been realised, from the establishment of the NHS, ending of the death penalty, the establishment of the Open University (of which I myself am currently benefiting from) and the introduction of the national minimum wage, I feel a sense of sorrow as to where the Tories have taken us over the past 9 years. However, this sorrow ignites a fire within me to fight for the investment in people, investment in services and investment within the country.

“I am extremely proud and indeed humbled to be chosen as the representative for Taunton Deane and vow to do my utmost to fight for Labour representation of Taunton Deane and indeed a Labour government.

Liam would be very happy to answer any questions or hear your thoughts about Labour policies and the upcoming election. His email address is

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Vote Liam Canham for Taunton Deane on December 12th!